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Since founding the company, one of the cornerstones of our company is monitoring. Our experience in providing services and monitoring solutions led us to successfully undertake major projects QoS monitoring with major companies in the banking sector.

That experience in QoS gave us the possibility introducing us grow in our expertise in monitoring infrastructure , which led us to undertake major projects in the insurance industry. 


In our experience in monitoring had detected the need for all companies to get feedback from their digital applications and web environments that motivated us to find one of the most advanced solutions in the world monitoring the quality of the user experience we approach with great success monitoring major projects in the banking sector.


With significant technological background we have strategic technical expertise in major monitoring solutions in all fields of technology consultants and prepared to deliver the solution that best meets the monitoring needs of our customers .


Iberforce cover the whole spectrum from Monitored quality of service ( QoS) monitoring infrastructure and monitoring the quality of user experience (QoE ).

We have recently reached an agreement with one of the leading provider of network and application performance management (APM ).

In new challenging IT world, with Cloud, in house and external services platforms, datacenters , data explosión and reduced personnel /resources for system management, innovative solutions are required to keep up with the change.

Iberforce offers a portfolio of leading edge solutions to cover APM/NPM needs, QoE measurement and Network Management to face BIG DATA challenges and adjusted implementation and maintenance cost needs of our customers, together with flexible and adapted services offering


Our offer:

Nagios is a standard solution of the industry in infrastructure monitoring that enables organizations to identify and solve IT infrastructure problems before they affect the critical processes of the business.

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Nagios Core enables you to supervise all your IT infrastructure to ensure that all systems, applications, services and processes are working correctly. In case of failure, the technical personnel can be alerted, which enables them to initiate measures of resolution to prevent loss of service that affect the business processes, final users or clients.

  • Complete monitoring: Monitoring of all the critical components of the infrastructure, including apps, services, operative systems, network protocols, system parameters and net infrastructure.

  • Visibility: Centralized vision of all your operations network and your business processes.

  • Problem solving: The event controllers enable you to reboot automatically failed applications, services, servers and devices when any problem is detected

  • Knowledge: The alerts are handed over to the IT personnel through e-mail and SMS. Great capacity for multiuser notification scaling to guarantee the attention of the right personnel.

  • Planning of capacity and tendencies Enables: the organizations to plan upgrades in the infrastructure, anticipating the end of any system´s life cycle.

  • Reports: Verifies that the SLAs are being obeyed, providing the historical registration of the cuts, notifications and answers to the alerts for post analysis purpose.

  • Scalable architecture: Provides an easy integration with internal and third-party applications. Hundreds of add-ons developed by the community help to extend the standard functionality.

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Nagios XI

Nagios XI

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