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Our world is going mobile, our customers demand mobile apps, our business goes through the “air” on growing number of mobile devices increasing security challenge. Companies need to have different tools to identify customer experience on mobile applications to secure revenue growth…

Our offer:

  • MDM leading edge solution, MaaS360. In house and on premise platform from Fiberlink, recently acquired by IBM

  • Critical mobile applications monitoring with IP Label

  • Consulting services for business critical security policy identification/definition

  • Project management and delivery

The companies are in the middle of a huge evolution in everything related to mobility, and consequently in the way that business is made. The actual tendency BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and the increasing number of new mobile platforms, just like the way companies are using them, make necessary the use of policies in their unfolding, operation, security and supervision in a mobility environment.


It is essential for companies to take control of corporate data traveling on the mobile devices and it is necessary securize these data so that any leakage or theft of information is avoided.


The MDM solutions are an essential tool for companies to enforce corporate security policies on mobile devices and monitor data traveling in them.


From Iberforce provide the most awarded MDM solution during the 2013 as well as specialized consultants that companies can safely and confidently address the new challenges posed by mobility environment.

Technological partners

MaaS360 is a SaaS MDM solution for management, securitization and monitoring mobile devices for all existing mobile platforms, with which the company can take control and manage its fleet of mobile devices 

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in an efficient and structured manner accessible from a single console from any browser.



  • Simple interface: Deployment, security and administration of all devices from a single console

  • Unique platformSecurity of the data and cost control without compromising the privacy, even in the employees´devices

  • Acess to updates and improvementsthe new characteristics are included in your current subscription automatically, so that you enjoy new improvements constantly

  • Integration with your infrastructureThe connector MaaS360 Cloud Extender integrates perfectly with the existing infrastructure such as Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, LDAP, Office365, Lotus Notes Traveler, BlackBerry Enterprise Server and CA (Certifying Authorities)

  • Quarantine systemA quarantine option available to the administrator of the solution enables you to be aware of suspicious events in your devices, and is able to alert you through several ways to its solution

  • Fast deployment: Begin and in only a few clicks you will be able to configure all your mobile devices in the MaaS360 platform

  • Pay for what you use: Begin to manage a small group of devices today and keep doing it when your needs change.

Nagios XI

Nagios XI

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Napatech Accelerators

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MDM for the BYOD World

MDM for the BYOD World

Discover MaaS360

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