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Renewable Energy

Energy is one of the key areas of investment and growth of present century. Needs of Energy savings, environmental rules adoption and world sustainability are on all CEO objectives.


Iberforce, through its Energy focus fíliate IBF Networks, in its spirit to oer leading EDGE solutions on this key sector, has partnered with WE Energy to oer renewable energy services , that provide engineering, procurement and construction services for our corporate and private investor clients in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Morocco and the Far East.


We work very closely with our clients in developing their business plans and performance targets with realistic returns on investment. With access to a number of funds for renewable energy projects, we can build a very successful business for our clients. 


We are very much delivery-focused and ensuring our clients’ projects are delivered on time, to budget, and exceed performance targets. This results in better than expected returns on investment for our clients.

Our projects to date include roll out of multiple 50kWp systems in retail throughout the UK, 250kWp and 1MW+ systems on large distribution centres, and MegaWatt solar parks in the Far East. We have a healthy pipeline of over 50MW of solar PV systems scheduled in 2014-2016 for various clients in the UK and Far East.


Iberforce has selected WE Energy based on their references, exibility and high level of innovation, Core Innovation policy is investing time and resources in advanced research and development in renewable energy technologies and processes across multi-disciplined sectors, working closely with UK universities.


Leading the way in developing, designing and deploying high performing renewable energy systems and solutions to provide a better future for all, here are some of the Energy technologies we offer:

Solar PV

Using energy from the sun to generate electricity for our everyday consumption of electricity is clean, cost eective, nancially viable and environmentally friendly.

Solar energy is benecial for the environment, as the energy that we use comes from a sustainable and clean source. It also has great economic benets for end-users and businesses that use the electricity, as well as future generations that will use the power that solar PV systems generate. The is a good source of energy with a great business case for today and for tomorrow.

Energy from Waste

There are various solutions for recycling of products and the use of anaerobic digesters for biodegradable organic waste material to produce biogas, which consists of mainly methane and carbon dioxide. This is then tapped o to be used directly as fuel in combined heat and power engines, as well as being upgraded to biomethane. As part of our research, we are looking at various ways to recycle our ever growing mountain of waste and turn this to renewable energy. We are working in collaboration with major retail groups to help develop end-to-end systems and processes to enable us to generate renewable energy from waste.

Energy Ecient Lighting

As well as providing cost ecient leading solutions in renewable energy generation, we work with large retail groups in their usage of energy in a number of areas including Energy Ecient Lighting. This is a business case for many companies achieving a payback of around 2 years, with a very good return on investment over 5 years or more.


We look to extend its working with local landowners looking to make better use of existing parcels of land that is dicult to farm. By working with us, we can make better use of this land and the landowner gain a useful annual revenue for at least 20 years. The ownership of the land remain with the local landowner. We are working on a number of projects with land and building owners to design, engineer, build and maintain solar PV systems in the UK and the Far East. Across the globe, demand for energy continues unabated with a mix of traditional fossil fuels, nuclear and green energy sources. These all have a part to play in our pursuit to satisfy our insatiable global demand for energy.


We work with a number of councils and various interest groups to provide renewable energy to power new homes in areas that traditionally have been dicult to get power to. The use of hybrid power systems utilising various renewable technologies, including solar PV, wind turbines, anaerobic digesters, and large-scale biomass power plants, enable councils and large house builders options to develop new housing stock in the UK that previously was considered to be cost prohibitive.


Implementing a successful renewable energy project can be capital intensive, especially for the larger multisite projects. Subject to survey, WE Energy and its capital partners can provide all the capital necessary for a successful implementation. From £1m to £500m renewable energy projects, We can provide the funding, knowledge and experience to enable a successful implementation of your renewable energy projects.

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