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Network and Application Accelerators

Producers of network management and security applications will need to address numerous analysis challenges in order stay ahead of the data growth curve as they enter the 100 Gbps era. In order to stay faster than the future, network equipment manufacturers will need to provide next-generation solutions can not only scale, but can also deliver and understand data, as well as accelerate application performance.




High-speed solutions must be able to capture network traffic at full line rate, with almost no CPU load on the host server, for all frame sizes. Full line-rate packet capture with zero packet loss, frame buffering and optimal configuration of host buffer sizes removes the bottlenecks that can cause packet loss. It also reliably delivers the analysis data that network management and security solutions demand. Zero-loss packet capture is critical for applications that need to analyze all the network traffic in real time.

Frame buffering is a feature that can absorb data bursts, ensuring that no data is lost. It can also remove application limitations, allowing frames to be transferred once the burst has passed. PCI interfaces provide a fixed bandwidth for transfer of data. This can limit the amount of data that can be transferred from the network to the application. Frame buffering is a critical feature for high-speed network analysis.




Next-generation network analysis requires understanding and insight. With frame classification, details on the type of 

network protocols being used can be provided. For users that want to monitor the network traffic in the most efficient 

way, it is important to be able to recognize as many protocols as possible, as well as extract information from the layer 2-4 network traffic. Header information for the various protocols transported over Ethernet must be made available for analysis. This includes encapsulation and tunneling protocols. 



As we enter the 100 Gbps era, network equipment manufacturers will need products that can help them stay one step ahead of the data growth curve brought on by the explosive growth in trends such as mobile data traffic, cloud computing, mobility and big data analysis. 



Nagios XI

Nagios XI

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Napatech Accelerators

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MDM for the BYOD World

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